MagicJack Error 23 ( Error Code 23 ) How To Fix this Error?

magickJack Error 23 ( Error Code 23 ) How To Fix this Error

Do you have a Magic Jack Plus?

Do you get a message “Error 23” when you lift the telephone hand set, rather than a dial tone?

MagicJack Error 23

This instructional exercise accept that you can discover your way around your switch’s design menus from a program. Allude to your switch’s documentation to discover the explicit IP address for your switch and where the pertinent choices are.

Stage 1: Discover the MAC Address for the Magic Jack Plus

Like any Ethernet gadgets, there is an alleged MAC deliver alloted to your Magic Jack Plus.

In the first place, we have to discover the MAC address for your particular Magic Jack Plus.

This would be under the “DHCP Table” or comparative.

The MAC address would be something like 6c:33:a9:xx:xx:xx.

This will be utilized in the subsequent stage.

Stage 2: Reserve the IP deliver to the MAC address

Presently, search for where you can hold the IP deliver doled out to this MAC address. This implies at whatever point the switch is restarted, or the Magic Jack Plus is unplugged from power, it will have the equivalent UP deliver allocated to it.

At that point we proceed to the following stage.

Stage 3: Configure NAT to guide ports to the Magic Jack gadget

Presently, go into where the “NAT” or “SUA” settings in your switch are, and relegate ports 5060 and 5070 to go to the IP address that you held

Ensure you spare the settings after every one of the above advances.

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Presently you ought to have a dial tone when you lift the telephone’s handset.

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